Time limits

 Does my claim have a time limit?
Yes, there is a time limit on making a pregnancy related discrimination claim. The same time limit applies to anyone who wants to make an employment tribunal claim and there are very few exceptions to this rule, so it certainly pays to make your claim as soon as you suspect that you might have a case. This will start the process moving as soon as possible and will prevent any problems later that might arise as a result of not getting your claim in on time.
You will need to make your UK pregnancy discrimination claim within three months of the discrimination occurring. If you keep a record of what has happened including dates, times and locations, then this will help you to determine the deadline by which you need to make your pregnancy discrimination claim to the employment tribunal. Also, you should bear in mind the fact that your employer must have known that you were pregnant in order to make a valid pregnancy discrimination claim.
You are supposed to make your employer aware of your pregnancy when you are 15 weeks pregnant, so it is always a good idea to make a note of the date you tell your manager as this could become relevant later on in the event of you experiencing pregnancy discrimination and deciding that you want to make a pregnancy discrimination claim as a result. Having a record of what happened will not only enable you to work out when you need to contact the employment tribunal by but it can also help to back up your case, so it is definitely worth keeping note of everything that happens.
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