Compensation levels

Pregnancy Discrimination Compensation – how much am I likely to get?

The amount of compensation you will be awarded if you win your pregnancy discrimination claim will depend on your particular case. The employment tribunal in question will look at issues such as the nature of the discrimination and the evidence that you have collected against your employer. It will certainly help your case if you have as much solid evidence as possible, including witnesses and records of what actually went on at work. This will provide the employment tribunal with the information they need to make a firm decision over how much compensation you will receive.

Unlike some other employment tribunal claims, there are no restrictions on how long you need to have worked for your employer in order to claim in cases of pregnancy discrimination (for some employment tribunal claims, you need to have worked for your employer for at least a year, but this doesn’t apply here). This means that as long as you have a solid case, you should be entitled to compensation.

There is currently no upper limit on how much compensation you can be given in pregnancy or maternity discrimination claims, but the amount is likely to depend on the severity of your treatment and any other factors the employment tribunal finds to be relevant (such as your loss of earnings). Statistics from the Employment Tribunals Service show that the average compensation awarded for sex discrimination claims in general was £19,499 in 2010, so depending on your case you might be awarded more, less or somewhere close to this amount.

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Don’t forget you have a very strictly enforced three months time limit  to make your employment tribunal claim. So if you think you have been subject to discrimination during pregnancy, contact our Solicitors as soon as possible.

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