How long do Pregnancy Discrimination Claims usually take?
Any employment tribunal claim has a set process to follow, but the length of time they take varies from case to case. For example, in a case of discrimination during pregnancy, it might take time for the tribunal panel to review the evidence you have submitted to them and, if witnesses are needed in order to back up claims or provide expert testimony, then this might also make the process take longer.
Once the tribunal has accepted your claim and informed your employer (generally known as ‘the respondent’) about the proceedings, your employer will typically have 28 days in which to respond. They will have to provide certain information, such as their version of events and whether or not they agree with your claim. When the employment tribunal has received this, they will review all of the information they have been given and then undertake any further actions that they need to until they are satisfied that they have everything they need to properly adjudicate your pregnancy discrimination claim.
They will then write to you to inform you of the date of your hearing – this will be at least 14 days before it takes place but it can be longer- sometimes much longer. This can significantly affect how long your employment tribunal claim takes.
When it comes to the hearing itself, the amount of time it takes will depend on the complexity of your case and issues such as whether any witnesses need to be called to give evidence. Your employment tribunal panel will then usually provide you with the result of your claim, including written reasons for their decision.
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