Pregnancy Discrimination – the problem

Despite a raft of anti discrimination laws, including the latest 2010 Equality Act, both maternity and pregnancy discrimination in the workplace remain a real problem. In particular;

  • 30,000 women are sacked or forced to give up the job every year due to their pregnancy according to equal pay charity, the Fawcett Society.
  • What’s more it’s estimated that up to 200,000 other pregnant women are subjected to other kinds of workplace discrimination
  • UK women working full-time are paid around 15.5% less than men per hour

Pregnancy Discrimination at work –common problems

The most widespread types of maternity leave or pregnancy discrimination include the following;

  • being denied promotion opportunities
  • reduction of pay or being forced into taking lower-paid work
  • unfair selection for dismissal or redundancy due to pregnancy
  • exclusion from training
  • being refused time offfor ante-natal care
  • being dismissed whilst on maternity leave
  • being refused reasonable time off and pay for ante-natal appointments

Pregnancy Discrimination in the workplace– who is covered?

UK pregnancy discrimination law protects every employee, agency worker, freelancer and the self-employed from the very first day that they are employedand as soon as your employer becomes aware of your pregnancy.

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