Pregnancy Discrimination Claim Funding
Paying for your legal costs 
The good news is that if you make a pregnancy discrimination claim at an employment tribunal, you don’t have to pay for it. This means that the only costs involved with making your claim will be your solicitor’s legal costs. If you choose to use us as your employment tribunal claim solicitors, then we will be very clear about any and all costs involved in order to keep you up to date with what is going on in your case.
We run appropriate pregnancy discrimination claims on a no win no fee basis, which you can read more about below. One cost you will need to keep in mind is expert witness testimony, the cost of which will vary depending on your case and whether any expert witnesses are actually needed in order to bolster your argument.
What is no win no fee?
A no win no fee agreement is exactly what it sounds like – if you don’t win your claim through no fault of your own, then you won’t pay any legal fees. If you do win your claim, however, then the costs will be covered by the money paid to you by your opponent.
This means that in no win no fee pregnancy discrimination claims, the biggest risk is to the solicitor as if you don’t win, we don’t get paid. This risk is taken into account in the fee charged in the event of you winning your case. Therefore, if you win your pregnancy discrimination compensation claim, then basic legal fees as well as a ‘success’ fee to compensate for the initial risk in taking on the case will be charged. We will happily provide you with a breakdown of all the costs involved. In the event of you winning your case, your legal fees will generally be covered by the losing party – in this case, your employer.
We are always happy to talk to you about charges and payment arrangements so if you have any questions about this issue, please get in touch.
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