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As well as working in the specialised area of pregnancy discrimination, our employment solicitors also represent clients nationwide on many other aspects of employment law. You can read more about our websites and services below: from equal pay claims to unfair dismissal and compromise agreements, we offer a comprehensive range of employment law services.

http://www.employmenttribunalclaim.co.uk/: If you think you might have grounds for an employment tribunal claim, this is the website for you. It features information on topics including redundancy, unfair dismissal, the unlawful deduction of wages and reinstatement, as well as age discrimination, constructive dismissal and more. This is already large and comprehensive website, complete with blog, funding information and FAQs – with information growing weekly this site is ideal for anyone thinking of making a claim for employment tribunal compensation.

http://www.compromiseagreementsolicitorsuk.co.uk/: If you need practical advice on anything to do with compromise agreements, this is the website for you. Looking at topics such as what needs to be in an agreement, the criteria it needs to meet in order to be legally binding, the importance of legal advice and a definition of compromise agreements, this is a useful site for both employers and employees.

http://www.employment-dispute.co.uk/: No one wants to be involved in an employment dispute, but if you do find yourself caught up in one, visit this brand new website to find out more about the issue. It includes a range of topics, including redundancy and dismissal.

http://www.equal-pay-claims.co.uk/: Even though legislation such as the 2010 Equality Act makes pay discrimination illegal, women are often still paid less than men for similar or the same work. If this sounds familiar then visit this website to find out about how you can make an equal pay claim, as well as the sort of evidence you will need to provide to back up your claim.

http://www.dismissal-claim.co.uk/: This is another new employment law website, this time looking at the issue of UK dismissal claims and all the relevant information you need to know.

http://www.tupeuk.co.uk/: The Transfer of Undertaking Regulations is the main topic of this website. It looks at issues such as how the regulations protect the rights of employees when UK businesses are sold, as well as other relevant topics relating to the regulations.

http://www.no-win-no-fee-employment-lawyers.org.uk/: This is a site dedicated to no win no fee agreements and all the information you need to know about them, including what they are and when they can be used to help you in employment law cases, such as employment tribunal claims.

http://www.directors-redundancy.co.uk/: When directors are made redundant, it impacts both them and the company they work for. This site is dedicated to the specialised employment law issue of directors’ redundancy.

http://www.constructive-dismissal-compensation.co.uk/: If your employer behaves in such a way that you feel you cannot work for them any longer, you might be able to make a constructive dismissal claim against them for compensation. This website is dedicated to constructive dismissals, looking at topics such as what a constructive dismissal is and the evidence you need to provide to prove your employers’ behaviour forced you to resign from your post.

http://www.discrimination-claim.co.uk/: It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you for any of the reasons set out in the Equality Act 2010 and other relevant legislation. This website looks at what you can do if you do suffer from discrimination at work despite this legislation, including information on different types of discrimination and what you can claim for.

http://unfair-dismissal-compensation.co.uk: Unfair dismissal is when your employer sacks you for reasons that could be considered either unlawful or unfair. This website deals with issues such as what unfair and fair dismissal are, who is eligible for compensation and the time limit for making a unfair dismissal claim.

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